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Future, Imperfect: Growth of a Novel

If you are interested in what goes on in a Sci-Fi author's head...this is the blog for you. This blog comments on my novel-writing process, progress of said novel, and peripheral  topics that inform both my thinking and writing. So, if... Continue Reading →

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Hubble: Photo of Bending Spacetime

It's almost more mind blowing to see it than it is to learn about it. What you see in the image, here, is a hand full of galaxies. All galaxies, billions of light years away from Earth. Even the elongated... Continue Reading →

xkcd: Masks

By effectiveness of preventing respiratory virus transmission by Randall Munroe,

XKCD Interstellar Asteroid

By Randall Munroe


A mysterious code? No, just the temperature at this time of the morning. Not as bad as some places, but bad enough for me, and predictions has mother nature stretching the bounds of what is reasonable (in my opinion) to... Continue Reading →

xkcd: Emojic 8 Ball

I asked xkcd's Emojic 8 Ball to predict the future of my novel. I got a pair of crossed Japanese flags and a handbag. Possibly a portmanteau. That's when I realized that the answer was obvious. I'd have gotten a... Continue Reading →

Wow, I’ve been kinda bad

Mostly about blog posting. I've a million excuses. (Don't we all when it comes to procrastination.) All of them totally legit(?) I swear(?) In fact, the only ones I can't use are pet-related. Specifically: I've no cat or dog, so I can... Continue Reading →

Flight or Fright

Taking the Temperature of Weather Heatwaves have a weird effect on my biology. In dramatic contrast to the molecules of which I am made, I become less excited as the weather gets hotter. During a bad heat wave I will slow... Continue Reading →

Remembering Hanabi-ko

Remembering a Giant of Science Hanabi-ko was of a different generation than mine, and her focus was different from mine. Still, unlike some of her peers, she was less... I don't know, mysterious to me. She was a bit more... Continue Reading →

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